Village of Manhattan Says NO to NorthPoint

Manhattan Takes a Stand… Finally

It’s been more than a year since NorthPoint Development approached the Village of Manhattan with their plans for Compass Business Park. The Jackson Township project was an industrial warehousing development of unprecedented size and scope. During that time, the Village of Manhattan remained tight-lipped on whether they opposed or supported the project. Area residents requested that village officials take a stand opposing the project. Officials answered that call on Monday, November 5, 2018.


As time went on and more information came out, the Village of Manhattan ended up suing the Village of Elwood and NorthPoint Development over Compass Business Park. They alleged in the suit that Elwood was working with NorthPoint and planning outside of their planning boundary. NorthPoint Development also was part of that plan, and they refused to provide Manhattan with more details. That suit was settled after NorthPoint withdrew their application mere days before the recommendation by Elwood’s Planning & Zoning Commission was set to expire.

Elwood Files Objection

Since then, NorthPoint Development decided to try and sell their project — albeit a smaller scale project — to Will County, skating around village guidelines and planning and zoning commissions. An incomplete application sat with the county for months. Manhattan still did not want to make an official position until the county deemed the application complete. Recently, NorthPoint completed their application with the county, and as a result the Village of Elwood filed a formal objection to the project. Additionally, the Village of Elwood’s Fire Protection District also submitted to the county their resolution opposing the project.

Manhattan’s Turn to Oppose NorthPoint

Although long-awaited, the formal objection to the project that the Village of Manhattan voted on Monday evening was incredibly specific. Mayor James Doyle read the three page letter aloud to those in attendance (copy provided below). The three-page letter cites a number of grievances with the project. Trustee Dave Beemsterboer made the first the motion to vote on the opposition letter and resolution. The board unanimously approved the resolution. The letter and resolution will be filed with the clerk and submitted to the Will County Land Use Department.

Results of Municipal Opposition: More Than A Stand

Aside from letting residents, the developer, and the county know exactly where the Village of Manhattan formally stands, the resolution opposing the project forces a super-majority vote. The super-majority vote was already triggered by the Village of Elwood’s formal letter of opposition, but the the Village of Manhattan’s letter serves to further support the effort to oppose the project.

You can read the letter below:


And here is the formal resolution (Exhibit A) below:


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