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SHOW UP TO MEETINGS AND HEARINGS — Attendance is 100% critical! You have to physically be there if you are able. This is the end of the road. Once approved, there will be no going back. We need you to physically show up and attend public hearings on annexation and rezoning – no matter where you live. Don’t phone it in or watch it from home. Our presence makes a statement. Speak at the meetings and communicate respectfully your position. We are a large group, and when it’s time to show up, we need to do that. CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING EVENTS.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES! – This is critical that you let your voice be heard. If you do not, your representatives assume that you want this project. If you live in Joliet, contact your city council. If you live in Manhattan, contact your village board. Elwood is fighting this alongside us — thank them for doing the right thing. Reach out to the representatives that you vote for. FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.

CONTACT YOUR COUNTY & STATE REPRESENTATIVES! — Contact the governor and your congressmen. Voice your opposition and be clear that you want them to vote NO to NorthPoint. Respectfully addressing your concerns in writing will go a long way. Our elected officials are in office because their constituents put them there. They are there to represent YOU. They should follow land use plans. They should wait for tax-payer paid land use studies to be complete before making monumental decisions. Write. Call. Contact. FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.

SPREAD THE WORD! — Reach out to friends and family, acquaintances on social media. Ask them to write emails. Ask them to show up to the meetings. Ask them to help. Add No to NorthPoint banners on your social media accounts. Display a sign in your window or yard. Share our articles online on Twitter and on Facebook in your own timeline, community groups, and more. Attend your local community groups. Pass out flyers. Volunteer to door knock businesses and homes. If you’re ready to help us, contact our page so we can get you on the ground. The end is near. We must fight for our community, fight for our safety, and fight for our rights!

GET INFORMED & ASK QUESTIONS – Knowledge really is power! Read as much as you can. Get up to speed on the research others have done. Simply saying “No More Trucks!” can alienate truck drivers who also oppose this project. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors. This is not an either/or discussion. We can want our local government to follow land use plans without being anti-development. We can respect the work that truck drivers do while wanting them not to drive over graves at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Be kind. Be courteous. Many of us have been fighting this battle for a long time, and it’s important to realize that some people are new to the fight. Learn about the project so you can speak in an educated manner and be able to refute opposing viewpoints with grace.

REACH OUT TO TAXING BODIES & PUBLIC SERVANTS – While other taxing bodies don’t make the final decision, they do have the ability to communicate what they feel is best for the community. Call. Write. Contact. Encourage your school boards, fire protection district, local police department, park district & library district to come out against this project. Tell them that you do not want this project — and don’t forget to tell them why.

REACH OUT TO MIDEWIN NATIONAL TALLGRASS PRAIRIE AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN NATIONAL CEMETERY — These are treasures in our community. We want them protected. Encourage them to take a stand to protect them. Contact Congress to let them know these national treasures are in danger!

CONTACT THE MEDIA & ADVOCACY GROUPS – Encourage the media and local advocacy groups to cover it. Have them dig in and investigate why it’s come this far. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers.

Please Note: We do NOT advocate people following trucks, taking video of trucks while driving, and certainly not Facebooking while driving. Do not put yourself in harms’ way and violate the law. If you live in the area, you know the trucks are here.

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