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2017 Elwood Community Days
Just Say No To NorthPoint Parade at Elwood Community Days 2017
2020 Manhattan Irish Fest Parade
Just Say NO to NorthPoint at the Manhattan Irish Fest Parade in 2020

Kansas City-based industrial warehouse developer, NorthPoint Development, has been working on a plan to acquire nearly 3,000 acres of prime farmland in our area and replace it with a massive industrial warehouse complex. This project is being proposed at a time when Will County is suffering from an astronomical growth in trucking and warehouse development that is straining an already decrepit and ill-maintained  roadway system.

As a result many residents of this area are fed up with local, regional and state governments allowing this area to be turned into an unsafe and unlivable industrial zone. This proposed development would negatively impact our communities to the point that they would be unrecognizable if NorthPoint were to come through. Learn more about the project.

In response to the proposal for this industrial warehousing project, local residents joined together. The result is an unofficial grassroots effort led by concerned Will County residents who are united by the desire to stop NorthPoint Development’s proposed Compass Business Park.

What Our Group Represents

Our group is non-partisan and is focused on a singular purpose of stopping this development. We have members of  who primarily reside in Jackson Township, Manhattan Township, the Village of Manhattan, and the Village of Elwood, Illinois. Our group is expanding daily as our efforts continue to grow.

Additionally, our group is not an anti-development group. We are also not against truck drivers, union members or warehouse workers, and in fact, we have folks of those professions who are part of the fight. We ardently support them as they support us because many of them have first-hand knowledge why this project is not good for our community.

Since 2017, we have been committed to taking action: making phone calls, writing letters or emails, passing out flyers, printing flyers, advocating in door-to-door campaigns, attending meetings, and doing our part to make sure our neighbors know what’s going on. Our group is actively working to ensure elected officials hear clearly from residents about the unsuitability of this industrial development for our area.  While we will try to get updates to this page as soon as we can, please visit our Facebook page for the latest news, information and updates.


Our group is not simply made up of NIMBYs, we are hard-working people from all over Will County. As we have worked hard to present factual information, government officials have taken it upon themselves to research the project and take a stand. The result is increasing awareness — and opposition — to the project.

Here is our list of taxing bodies, politicians, and organizations that have come out against NorthPoint Development.


You may have noticed yard signs in the yards of homes in Elwood and Manhattan. The “Just Say No To NorthPoint” signs were created by a Jackson Township resident who wanted to show opposition to NorthPoint Development’s Compass Business Park and raise awareness about the ongoing truck problems that have plagued Elwood since Centerpoint Intermodal and other distribution warehouses popped up along Route 53.

The “No More Trucks” component of our signs originated in Elwood. It was was intended to convey that Elwood residents wanted to see “NO MORE TRUCKS” driving through town on residential streets and non-truck routes, entering places that they should not (such as Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery), carrying overweight loads damaging our roadways, and disobeying traffic signals, endangering the community. Those are very real events that occur on a daily basis within the Village of Elwood.

New Signs, New Messaging

We wanted to offer people the ability to learn more about our group and what we’ve done. As such, our signs to offer that with our website. Additionally, as our grassroots effort has grown, we have come to realize that areas outside of Elwood, such as Manhattan and neighboring communities currently shielded from through-truck traffic, have not experienced the influx of wayward trucks described above. As such, the message became skewed/misinterpreted by some. At no point in time were our signs intended to disrespect the truck driving profession as a whole.

We recognize that there are hardworking truck drivers just trying to earn a living. Many are opposed to NorthPoint Development. We also know that trucks are a necessary part of our economy.  We hope that explaining this messaging brings forth a mutual understanding of how/why that messaging ended up on our signs.

Moving forward, although the “No More Trucks” messaging remains a component of the hundreds of signs distributed in our communities, we do not want this to be the sole reason for communicating opposition to NorthPoint Development’s Compass Business Park, mostly because there are a multitude of other reasons why this project will be a detriment to our community.

Our new signs display our website’s domain name instead of the “No More Trucks” slogan. Signs were donated by local residents and are being distributed while supplies last.

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  1. At the right moment, we pull the rug out from under these arrogant carpetbaggers. Unscrupulous opportunists. There is a way to stop them but the timing must be right.
    For now, focus on stopping the bridge. No bridge? They leave.
    What is your definition of interloper? Kansas City interlopers.
    Great website. Copy your no2northpoint.com link and paste it everywhere you can.
    Dennis OConnor

  2. Could someone tell me the approval (approvals?) process that NorthPoint has to go thru to obtain right to go ahead with this project. Also, who are the individuals that give this approval at each step.

    1. The village board of trustees would be given a proposal and It would be voted on during a village board meeting. A couple of the Elwood School Board Members have asked Mr. Patrick Robinson when the proposal would be sent. Mr. Robinson’s response basically was that he didn’t know at this time.

  3. I moved to to Manhattan this year, purchased my first house and got married this year in hopes of starting a family. I like the small town living of Manhattan and the friendly people and overall just a great area. I am only 25 so this is only the start of my journey with my wife in this great town. If North Point were to pass and start construction I would probably move before it was completed. I could see home values taking a plunge and traffic through the roof. I can not see myself raising kids in an area that is going to have conditions decline and insane amounts of traffic. I am not one to raise my voice but I want to be heard. I did not move to this small town to have it destroyed so fast after Manhattan becoming my home. I can see this as a domino effect and a lot of others doing the same. A company with this much money and power is going to throw as much of it as they can at the village to come to an agreement. It is sad but true. For the sake of Manhattan I hope it does not happen. #SayNOtoNorthPoint

  4. My family just moved to Manhattan from Joliet in April. We moved here to start a life in a quieter, more peaceful and close-knit community. If this community becomes a truck haven, with insane amounts of traffic and safety concerns, we may as well go back to Joliet. We’re definitely opposed to this, and hope that the community can ban together and prevent this from happening.

  5. You’re going up against BNSF and others large companies. Things like infrastructure will be dealt with because the additional trucking will demand it. The anticipated tax windfall for Will County and its town will be huge. Other business will follow, meaning a housing boom and increased property values. The farmers will be compensated as well as having choices in establishing new business. When BNSF was allowed in with LPC, it opened the door for more expansion.

    1. You obviously don’t live in this area to know the numrous negative issues the current industrial park has brought, nor have you sold any property to realize how much the market has suffered because of centerpoint. There is no retail or housing boom that has occurred because of the current industrial park. Try living down here amongst the semis and diesel fumes for a while and see how you like it. No NorthPoint!

    2. “You’re going up against BNSF and others large companies.”
      – In other words they’ll be throwing around tons of cash to get their way. Large companies do not negate the will of the people simply nor the rule of law.

      “Things like infrastructure will be dealt with because the additional trucking will demand it.”
      – Another option is to simply stop the development. By your circular reasoning we are to take it as fact that traffic problems sort themselves out. Perhaps in the grand scheme of human history they may but in our lifetimes unlikely.

      “The anticipated tax windfall for Will County and its town will be huge.”
      – How huge? Of course be sure to subtract each and every service the county has to pay for via taxpayer funding to arrive at this “huge” number.

      “Other business will follow, meaning a housing boom and increased property values.”
      – Very convenient of you to package all of that up in one nice statement but housing booms and increased property values are not dependent on the arrival of “other businesses”.

      “The farmers will be compensated as well as having choices in establishing new business.”
      – What if they do not want to be compensated? What if perhaps they are dragged through expensive legal proceedings until their reserves are exhausted? The rest of the statement does not even make sense, if farmers want to quit farming and start a new business that is THEIR choice, not YOURS.

      “When BNSF was allowed in with LPC, it opened the door for more expansion.”
      – BSNF the company that was so large it was best not to interfere was now “allowed” to help out the people.

  6. I really think the Witness Slip info should be on the main page to make it easier for folks to get this signed. I speak to many people who don’t have Facebook, or know they can still see the page without joining, & the harder it is made to find, the more people will give up.


  7. I really think the Witness Slip info should be on the main page to make it easier for folks to get this signed. I speak to many people who don’t have Facebook, or know they can still see the page without joining, & the harder it is made to find, the more people will give up.
    Sorry for the duplicate but also I was told we lost the bill by 1 vote yet the paper says 7-3. That shows me it lost by 4 to tie; 5 to win. Details please.


  8. Sorry yet again but now I can’t even find the Witness Slip info on the website. I know many, many people that aren’t on Facebook & won’t go there even if directed, especially now that they are in the news.


  9. I would just like you aware that people in Joliet are receiving robo calls about this matter. The message. States that the inner module center (BSNF)is wanting to double their size and mention this parcel as the area they want to develop. Goes on to say the BSNF center is federally controled ;not by Elwood! The recording then goes on to ask if you would support Joliet annexing this land and the revenue it would bring to Joliet. Push “5” for yes and “6 “ for no. Got this call last night.

  10. Wow!
    I just closed on some farm land located on Wilmington – Peotone Rd. This North Point project makes me wonder about my decision. It was brought to my attention the possibility of adding traffic lanes to W – P Road and then later discovered a plan for a new airport in the area. It appears that I have a “triple layer” of concern now. My appreciation for a rural atmosphere runs deep. It would be a shame for my future grandchildren to simply see a series of warehouses and miss out on the peaceful country life drowned out by highway noise when they visit.

    Wishing you the best with your efforts to protect the community you so deeply care about. My plan is to move to Will County upon retirement; occurring within the next two years.

    – Don Antram – (Westhope, North Dakota)

  11. Northpoint has made a conditional offer on nearly 800 acres of a unique prairie area south of Olympia WA. The area is currently zoned residential, but the County Commissioners are considering a re-zone to industrial. Northpoint plans on building more than 2 million square feet of intermodal warehousing, etc, if the re-zone occurs, using the RR on site to connect to BNSF mainline tracks. Aside from the destruction of pristine prairie environment, the area to be developed is next door to a state park – and the anticipated traffic et al would greatly diminish the experience of park-goers.

    Any help or advice re: what has been successful in resisting such development would be appreciated.

    1. You’ll have to rally your neighbors and show up to local meetings in large numbers. Then you notify local media that a large group of protesters will be at the next meeting. Then you notify your neighbors and tell them local media will be at the next meeting with TV cameras. Leverage Facebook to start a local opposition group and use your local town pages to increase membership. If your community has large opposition it should snowball pretty quickly in your favor. However, you cannot take your eye off your local government. File Freedom of Information Act requests for any/every thing you can think of… meeting notes, emails, letters, filings, etc., etc. Find out where candidates stand on the issue at the next election and make sure to vote against anyone who seems to be moving in favor of this sprawl. We took back one local town, kicked out NorthPoint, and now we’re working on the neighboring village to do the same. Never give up!

  12. I live on Spangler rd in Jackson Township My husband and I want to help as much as possible we both work afternoons but anything you need we are there we have 5 acres of land and are trying to upgrade our house

    1. Victoria – Welcome! Please join our Facebook group if you can… this is where we stay up to the minute with any developments. We’re always looking for volunteers and the call to action is usually through the Facebook group. Whether it’s coming to meetings to speak or knocking on doors… all help is welcome. Thank you!

  13. I want to add my voice to those who oppose The Northpoint development. We are overburdened with truck and train traffic now. I believe it will only get worse if this development is allowed to happen.

    1. Move to Iowa then. Your town is a headache for truck drivers. This whole area is filled with truck traffic. This is the Chicagoland area there is a bunch of freight in this area and there is no avoiding it… your going to see trucks. Your city has no truck signs everywhere on streets where we literally need to go down to deliver.

  14. Thank you for all you have done to STOP Northpoint. My concern is that Joliet has 10 years of water, at the current rate of usage, in their aquifer. If Northpoint is allowed to develop where will they draw their water from? Joliet? If they are going to use Joliet as their water source, how fast will this accelerate the end date for the aquifer?

  15. As a truck driver I personally hate visiting Elwood. You guys have no truck signs on streets where a truck can easily maneuver and that lead directly to the facility we are trying to deliver to. Then we have to go all the way around to the other side of the city to arrive to the destination. You guys also have streets with no truck signs that need to be taken down because new warehouses have been built and the only way in is through the street with the no truck sign. The city of Elwood made the decision to accept a container facility…. obviously that’s going to bring a lot of truck traffic through the city. Other suburbs in the area also have a lot of truck traffic and don’t complain. This is a well built up area with all kinds of traffic…. not a small farmers area anymore. Accept it. Having truck restrictions all over your city when half your city is an industrial zone makes no sense. Just posting my thoughts.

  16. I oils like to know if Northpoint was successful in getting this started in your town? Is this a Chinese backed company? How has this impacted your small town.
    I ask because they are trying to change farm land to I-1 in a very small town in KY. We were successful in blocking them last year but they are back trying again.

    1. We already are living near huge freight logistics facilities in this are. NP wants to nearly double the size of what we already deal with. They have technically broken ground for some roads and bridges but there are presently five active lawsuits.

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