Village of Manhattan Sues Village of Elwood Over NorthPoint Development


The foundation of NorthPoint Development’s business is built on duping unsuspecting small towns, but they have clearly underestimated the intelligence and dedication of those in this community.

The Village of Elwood has been complicit in their deceitful practices by going out of their way to lack transparency. Only through the Freedom of Information Act with the support of the Illinois Attorney General were we able to get any understanding of their backroom antics. We are thankful that the Village of Manhattan recognizes this abhorrent behavior and has chosen to stand up to NorthPoint’s underhanded tactics.

NorthPoint and any of its tenants are not welcome here. They will continue to be met with the same strength in opposition should they choose to arrogantly persist in their desire to disrupt our community.

Stephanie Irvine on behalf of Just Say No to NorthPoint






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