“A Good Neighbor” Documentary
University of DePaul film student Jimmy Haley created this documentary about our fight for our community. Watch and learn what we have accomplished thus far. Thank you to Jimmy for creating this excellent video showcasing our efforts.

Manhattan Community Information Session

Held 2/3/2018 at Wilson Creek Elementary School in Manhattan

Did you miss the Elwood Planning & Zoning Commission’s Public Hearings?

Click each date to watch the videos on YouTube.

Watch Erin Gallagher’s knockout presentation on YouTube, which shows what she dug up in her visit to Kansas (where NorthPoint Development has its pride and joy, Logistics Park Kansas City).

You can see more of what Erin dug up on her trip to Kansas by visiting our “investigation” page.

Who Do Elwood Officials Represent?

Government of the people, by the people, for the people … or not? There are many union workers and families who oppose NorthPoint's Compass Business Park. They know that NorthPoint is no friend to organized labor. Yet Elwood's Planning & Zoning Commission approved their draft annexation request in about a minute without uttering so much as a single question, comment, or explanation. Who do they represent?

Posted by Just Say No to Northpoint on Sunday, January 21, 2018
State Representative Larry Walsh Jr. testifies at Elwood Planning & Zoning Hearing in January 2018
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