Sen. Joyce & Rep. DeLuca urge Joliet to postpone meeting

April 10, 2020

Mayor Bob O’Dekirk
City of Joliet
150 W. Jefferson St.
Joliet, IL 60432

Dear Mayor O’Dekirk:

We have been made aware of plans to hold a public meeting this coming Monday, April 13, 2020 with the intent of voting on a key matter regarding the Compass Business Park. This decision flies in the face of common sense and we urge you to cancel this meeting.

Protecting the health of residents is our number one priority as public officials. In the past weeks, many steps have been taken to “flatten the curve” in Illinois. Governor Pritzker and local officials have urged residents to stay home and avoid contact with others as much as possible. Holding this meeting is a violation of the intent of federal and state guidelines being put in place to protect our residents and save lives.

Additionally, holding a meeting where the public cannot express their views on this controversial issue in person is undemocratic and unfair to people on both sides who have invested time and resources in making sure elected officials make an informed decision. As Representative DeLuca is Chairman of the House Cities & Villages Committee, issues related to municipal government operations continue to be a priority. Therefore, in an effort to optimize accessibility for public input, we strongly urge the City of Joliet to postpone any vote related to the North Point Development proposal until a time deemed safe and appropriate.


Senator Patrick Joyce
Representative Anthony DeLuca

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