Say NO to Joliet and Manhattan!

Give your local politicians something to do this weekend!  Send them mountains of email telling them what you think about NorthPoint.  We already have basic letters drafted so all you have to do is fill out a simple form and click the button.

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      1. NO. When you have all these trucks in a neighborhood the area goes down the tubes. Look at any roadways that are heavily traveled and see the garbage thrown along the wayside. Some common items are plastic and gallon jugs full of urine. Needles are also a common waste product strewn along the roadside. If any of the decision makers live along the path of this stuff, you should be the only ones voting but if you don’t live in the path you should have no say so!

    1. No to Northpoint. No more truck traffic, dangerous roads, crumbling infrastructure, poor paying jobs, ugly warehouses & poor quality of life for area residents. No, no, no.

  1. Please say No to Northpoint. We have enough traffic and accidents on our poor Illinois roads now. Please think of the quality of life for the residents.

  2. No!! Keep this garage away from our community, my neighborhood, and my home. This would be detrimental to my 5 year old’s health. Anyone with pulmonary issues should be seriously concerned of the deterioration of the air quality along with all the other safety issues this would cause.

  3. The fact that the residents have been so vocal against this project means the elected officials need to do their elected jobs and terminate this project.

  4. Say NO to Northpoint!!! Please don’t ruin our way of life and jeopardize our children. Our roads can’t handle any more traffic either by trucks or employees, and we can’t afford the tax increases that would be necessary.

  5. Last time I was in town driving to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery to visit my husband and parents, I was absolutely shocked at all of the truck traffic and noise. It’s disgraceful!

  6. Please send Northpoint away! We the tax payers say No to Northpoint! Open land and farm land is Important Also. This is Not needed here. The roads will Not be able to handle the massive amount of semi trucks and 10,000 workers cars. Also 80 is unsafe now! Take the time to read up on what Northpoint did to other areas. Something is very fishy on Northpoint.

  7. Who was the idiot who actually thinks Northpoint would do anyone any good that lives in Manhattan??? Our roads are awful now and what benefit to the citizens would thousands of trucks a day be? I’m sure the politicians will make out like bandits, if they haven’t already? Our property values will go to hell!!!

  8. Please say NO to Northpoint! Joliet and all of Will County will be negatively impacted! There is far too much industrial land (already zoned industrial with Highway access. Joliet and Will County can’t handle the traffic we already have. Please visit and educate yourself on how and why this will be bad for Joliet and all of Will County! Please AT LEAST Wait for the traffic study (That Will County tax payers have paid for) to be completed before you make any drastic decisions!

  9. Yes, please, to Compass Business Park. It is a very promising development to help the local economy handle what is on the way regardless. This is a better solution than random buildings thrown up here and there.

    1. There are zoning laws in place to guide how the community grows and ensure we have sensible growth. If the elected officials who are paid to represent us would do their job we wouldn’t have to worry about random buildings.

      And NorthPoint will not stop at this footprint. They devalue land around their buildings because of flooding, traffic, and blight, then buy it for pennies on the dollar.

  10. For the safety of all Will County say NO to NorthPoint! My children ride the school bus from Elwood to JT Central everyday… this ride is not safe with all the semi trucks!

  11. I have had several near miss encounters with semi’s pulling out right in front of me. The last one I truly believe was an intentional act. Our roads are too dangerous now. Put the people first. Say NO TO NORTHPOINT!!

  12. Please don’t allow the Northpoint development to destroy our way of life!
    We already have WAY too many trucks in the Elwood Manhattan area.

  13. NO! There is obviously some kickback taking place here. This is crazy that anyone with a sound mind would find anything good about this. Have you driven down here by 53 and laraway or laraway snd 52..trucks are everywhere and truly have no where to go now. The closed a great story but as we know it wont stick and what about the employee traffic clogging the roads?! Is there an employee loop? No there isnt, so they will all be on the same roads! Just Say No!

  14. NO! This is crazy that anyone with a sound mind would find anything good about this. Have you driven down here by 53 and laraway or laraway snd 52..trucks are everywhere and truly have no where to go now. The closed loop is a great story but as we know it wont stick and what about the employee traffic clogging the roads?! Is there an employee loop? No there isnt, so they will all be on the same roads! Just Say No!

  15. Taken from the Illinois State Constitution –


    The public policy of the State and the duty of each
    person is to provide and maintain a healthful environment for
    the benefit of this and future generations. The General
    Assembly shall provide by law for the implementation and
    enforcement of this public policy.
    (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

    Each person has the right to a healthful environment.
    Each person may enforce this right against any party,
    governmental or private, through appropriate legal
    proceedings subject to reasonable limitation and regulation
    as the General Assembly may provide by law.
    (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

    More trucks, more pollution, property value decline, way of life decline. Come on politicians, we the people elected you to represent US. Do the right thing, do the honorable thing. SAY NO TO NORTHPOINT.

  16. NO to NORTHPOINT! Too much truck traffic already with the existing warehouses in the area. The roads are completely deteriorating, the trucks are dangerous. On more than one occassion I have seen trucks using Abraham National Cemetery to turn around in, which is illegal by the way. Leave our farmland and prairie as open space!!! There are a ton of vacant warehouses in the area that have been sitting vacant since they were built. Why do we need this monstrosity? To what benefit will it be for the surrounding communities? I don’t see the benefit here at all, especially if they are talking about TIF agreements. It is not going to lower anyone’s property taxes. To the city council: listen to your constituents. No one wants this thing. We are keeping a close eye on who is voting for this thing and will be taking that info to the polls!

  17. No to Northpoint! This warehouse will be a strain on all surrounding WC infrastructure. Joliet and the surrounding area is already overtaken with semi trucks. Leave our veterans undisturbed and please vote NO!

  18. we do not want this monstrosity in elwood…. when will our ELECTED officials start paying attention to those who elected them…. you work for us, who elected you… not for big business. this says alot when elected officials refuse to listen to what the people want…this is part of the reason people are moving OUT OF ILLINOIS…another slap to joliet is converting a beautiful golf course into warehouses that will directly affect salem nursing home and joshua arms senior apt. complex and also the neighborhood right behind the nursing home and mills rd which also has the job corp facility… too much traffic already in these areas… joliet and elwood does NOT NEED THIS… NO TO NORTHPOINT…NO TO WAREHOUSES ON JOLIET COUNTRY CLUB PROPERTY.

  19. No to NORTHPOINT.
    It will be a monstrosity of danger in multiple facets!!!
    Nothing positive can come from this development and the destruction it will bring.

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