JHN: Joliet city manager highlights bright spots in NorthPoint plan

Several selling points for the NorthPoint Development plan were presented to the City Council this week.

Interim City Manager Steve Jones made a presentation on the proposed Compass Business Park on Tuesday at a City Council meeting where the project was not on the agenda but was up for discussion…

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    1. Sure does! My dad pointed out that Mr. Jones is retired collecting his pension, temporarily acting as city manager, so Northpoint has probably offered him a job when his interim city manager job is finished.

  1. They keep repeating the same points we’ve debunked over and over, whilst not listening to the residents who live here. Voted in by us, but our opinions don’t matter, apparently.

  2. en·ter·prise zone
    /ˈen(t)ərˌprīz ˌzōn/
    an impoverished area in which incentives such as tax concessions are offered to encourage business investment and provide jobs for the residents.

    But no tax concessions?? Liars!!

  3. The Houbolt bridge is nowhere near getting started, so that leaves one option for traffic according to Jones. And as anyone with an ounce of common sense knows, any driver needing to go east will not take Arsenal to 55. They’ll try any option they can to head east to 53 to get to 80. They think we are idiots. We live with this every day. We know the truth! Just Say NO!

  4. This is such a clear example why Will County desperately needs a comprehensive transportation plan.

    Pursuing this is so shortsighted. And they have worked tax breaks into the proposal! Beyond that, it will cost taxpayers much more in infrastructure and city services. And, of course, the most important cost is to our safety, health, and well-being.

    It’s throwing good money after bad.

  5. Steve Jones is double dipping the City of Joliet and obviously taking something from Northpoint as he is all for it. How is it the entire council is going against their own constituents wishes? Please city council members vote like it is going to be in your own back yard. Vote NO! Greed will always come back to you in a negative manner!

  6. Why isn’t the foreign trade or enterprise zone mentioned by the Joliet city manager. Northpoint is not spending the corporations money but taxpayers money to build this intermodal.

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