No2NP marches in Manhattan parade

A large number of citizens marched against NorthPoint in the Manhattan Irish Fest Parade on March 7, 2020.

Video courtesy Kin Nicholas:

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  1. Where do you suggest all of the freight goes when it comes in through intermodals? MORE is coming as BNSF and UP continue to expand. If distribution centers aren’t allowed nearby, then they’ll load onto trucks and spend MORE miles on the highways. Wouldn’t it be best to find the best way to handle it? Keeping it close to the intermodals means fewer trucks on highways for shorter distances. It’s just the truth. Obviously people don’t want trucks, but without keeping freight next to intermodals, it’s going to mean more trucks on the road for longer distances. “Just saying no” is not going to solve the actual truck problem.

      1. I completely understand your point. However, that much and more WILL be built in years to come based on incoming containers, that’s a fact. It’s just a matter of where it gets built. Would IN or WI be better? Then trucks are driving many more miles on the highways and IL still has road problems (even more). A solution oriented approach is needed, but not building here won’t stop containers coming into Will County. That decision was made years ago when the intermodals were welcomed. So where should they go? A solution is needed because the intermodals aren’t leaving. What’s the recommendation?

        1. The recommendation is “NOT HERE”.

          Will County has become the dumping ground for the kinds of development no other Chicago collar county in their right mind wants to touch.

        2. It’s alright John. “JT” just doesn’t get it. Centerpoint having the same amount of empty space for warehouses directly next to the rail line, how many of the currently built warehouses that are sitting empty which cannot get a company to fill it, the whole idea of adding this many new warehouses WILL add more truck traffic not to mention the 27,000 (CBP’s number) new employees with low income jobs leaving the south side of Chicago and traveling through all the surrounding towns to get to these new warehouses. The fact that the warehouse industry has pretty much topped out and the demand for warehouse space is decreasing. The fact that Channahon, Wilmington and Bolingbrook have ALREADY turned their villages into “container towns” but at least two of the three kept them directly next to the interstates. I think “JT” must not live anywhere close to a warehouse or where they plan on building 3,000 acres worth of unneeded warehouses.

    1. A new trucking facility never eliminates the number of trucks. It adds to them. In Will county, along 55 and 53, there are already 50 million MORE square feet approx of building to be done that have been approved. Signed and sealed. THOSE are the trucks that are coming anyway. This only adds to that. This in no way lessens those.

      No magic bridge or (supposedly) closed loop is going to suck up the trucks coming and going to all the other facilities in the area and force them to use a route out of their way onto a road dedicated specifically to one facility. That has never made sense, and I’m frankly surprised that proponents have gotten any mileage out of such a patently absurd argument.

    2. Centerpoint itself is only half built out. That land lies between Route 53 and the interstate and is served by rail. The land Northpoint is looking to destroy is far away from the interstate, on the east side of Route 53 and encroaches on existing residential plus Midewin Prairie. Why expand into an area that ISN’T zoned residential and ISN’T well located for truck traffic when there’s plentiful already zoned land sitting waiting for warehouses and container storage? There’s also hundred of thousands of existing spec-built warehouse space throughout Will County, up and down I-55, I-80, I-57 that hasn’t been leased. There is no need for this land to zone to industrial. There is no need for more vacant spec buildings. And there is no need for a poorly located industrial behemoth of a development to destroy productive farmland and impact the future of the county.

    3. JT there are trucks coming here from Georgia. why are they coming all that way when it’s closer for them to go right to the port on east coast line and get it right from the barge. Why??? cause that’s what Centerpoint does it’s taking all the freight to elwood and joliet only to be taken back to Georgia with a truck. let the other states get their own intermodals then they can keep their truck traffic. North Point needs to stay in Kansas city. Also since North Point is in Kansas City it will be Kansas City that gets the tax dollars not Illinois.

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