JHN: Warehouse workers wary of warehouses

Warehouse worker Tony Garrett was among those who came to the Just Say No to NorthPoint meeting on Thursday.

“We already have enough warehouses and enough traffic in our area,” Garrett said.

He has worked in warehouses in Joliet, Lockport, and Monee and does not see many opportunities in the prospect of more warehouse development.

“The ones in Joliet pay anywhere from $13 to $16 an hour, and that’s it,” Garrett said.

The annexation agreement that goes to the Joliet City Council for a vote on March 17 provides for union jobs in building the Compass Business Park. But Garrett said that will not help workers in the warehouses. …

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  1. NO NO NO to NORTHPOINT! They are making verbal promises to local workers (companies) as they have done on their past projects. They WILL say what they need, line their pockets, and be on to the next project! Notice how they haven’t put ANYTHING in writing to guarantee what they are saying? Same story, different project… NO TO NORTHPOINT!!!

  2. Thank you for bringing the TRUTH to Joliet, Manhattan, and Elwood!! The enormous amount of information presented and the people had NO IDEA about any of it! It’s concerning, to say the least! I’ve found so much online with other companies that NORTHPOINT groomed. Financial contributions, other companies purchasing land, transferring land, countless corporations opening and dissolving in a short period of time, inaccurate corporation addresses, and the list goes on. Shade and deception IS NOT WELCOME!!! NO NO NO TO NORTHPOINT!!!

    1. Yes! We’re dealing with a foreign owned company, with no data regarding who the investors are. At least with CenterPoint, we know the company is domestic and who the investors are. And just google “NorthPoint” for news articles about all the angry communities and union workers they’ve screwed over.

  3. No to NorthPoint I do not trust them!! False promises!! No contracts saying they will only use unions. They have a track record for not using unions. Scumbag company wanting to ruin Will county. To many unanswered questions and to many questions answered with the word Probably (which means not quite certain) Steve Jones is probably not quite certain what he is talking about.

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