Cedar Creek Project Returns; NorthPoint in Limbo While Lawsuits Drag On

Cedar Creek Project Returns

The Cedar Creek project, which drew ire from local residents due to its proximity to residential subdivisions, its size, and proposed development, will be back on the agenda before the Joliet City Council on September 3, 2019, at 6:30pm at the Joliet City Hall. This project previously came before the council but was tabled. The agenda will be published on the city’s website.

Previously, developer PNI approached the Joliet Planning Commission in October 2018 with the hopes of rezoning residential (phase 3 of a subdivision) into industrial to allow for warehousing and potentially a rail spur so that they could re-market and sell their land. However, new homes have recently been built and a different residential home developer recently bought several lots within the adjacent subdivisions, which means there is more potential for tax revenue than if it were to be zoned industrial. We feel that rezoning this land that was previously appropriately zoned residential would be a misstep and a disservice to residents in both Elwood and in Joliet. We also don’t believe that a developer who simply wants to quit and get a government bailout should get one. Keep in mind, the current developer does not have an interested party for the industrial use. 

ICYMI: We previously published a blog post on this project in October of last year. If you missed it, you can read it here.

If you are interested in reviewing the documents provided to those living adjacent to the proposed project, you can download Cedar Creek documents by accessing this link. (The file is too large or we would’ve provided them directly here). 

Additionally, you may have received a flyer requesting your presence at the meeting with the following messaging.


***330 Acres directly south of and adjacent to Cedar Creek Subdivision***

Please plan on joining your neighbors in the fight AGAINST another warehouse development in Joliet, this one right in your backyard!  The City of Joliet tabled a vote on the rezoning of this development to their SEPTEMBER 3rd meeting 6:30PM.  We NEED JOLIET RESIDENTS to come to this meeting to oppose this project, otherwise the City Council will approve under the false impression that none of their constituents are against it.  Please plan to attend the Joliet City Council Meeting on SEPTEMBER 3rd at 6:30 PM to oppose the REZONING of this land from RESIDENTIAL to LIGHT INDUSTRIAL and please encourage fellow Joliet Residents to attend. 

Remember that CenterPoint is already zoned for industrial warehousing and has more than enough acreage to accommodate additional warehouses.  It makes more sense to build additional warehouses inside the existing intermodal facility where the trucks will have access to the planned Houbolt Road Bridge.

It is important to send a message that recommending this project for approval would be an unacceptable decision. We join our neighbors in Noel Estates and the Cedar Creek subdivisions surrounding this project in fighting this project. We hope you’ll be there, too.


NorthPoint Status

Currently, the NorthPoint Development project is in limbo. NorthPoint approached the Village of Manhattan but has since had no contact with them since their initial meeting. NorthPoint’s application with Will County is still pending with no result. NorthPoint Development’s project has always relied upon a bridge over Walter Strawn Drive for marketability as well as profitability. NorthPoint had purchased property that previously belonged to Centerpoint. They allege that Centerpoint’s annexation agreement with the village transferred to NorthPoint when they bought it, and their interpretation of that the agreement required the Village of Elwood to agree to a bridge. Elwood did not agree to that interpretation, and as a result, they initiated the lawsuit against NorthPoint. Shortly thereafter, NorthPoint filed a counter-suit against the Village of Elwood for specific purpose (basically meaning that they need the bridge and that only Elwood can give them the bridge. Both lawsuits are in litigation. 


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