WJOL Interviews Doug Jenco

Scott Slocum with WJOL held an exclusive interview with Elwood Mayor Doug Jenco this morning following the Elwood-Manhattan Boundary Agreement vote last evening, in which the Elwood board voted nearly unanimously to refrain from extending the Elwood-Manhattan boundary agreement another 20 years (Trustee Daryl Lab was the sole vote in favor of extending the boundary). The boundary agreement between the two villages currently stands to expire in 2026. (Read last night’s post for more information about the boundary agreement.)

In Slocum’s interview with Jenco, WJOL reported that Jenco stated that “he feels for Manhattan being ‘out of the loop’ and moving forward ‘wants to work with Manhattan and be completely transparent with them.'” They also reported on the boundary agreement vote from last evening.

Read the more from the interview on WJOL’s website — including how Mayor Jenco feels about NorthPoint Development and how he thinks his board will vote.


Feature photo used with permission by Scott Slocum – credit to WJOL.

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