Veterans say NO to Joliet

Veterans came out in full force Tuesday night at the Joliet City Council meeting where NorthPoint executives made a surprise presentation that was not on the agenda. They touted the benefits of NorthPoint….

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Erin Gallagher on WJOL (3/4/2020)…



NorthPoint was not on the agenda. But it became the main topic with veterans there to oppose the project, and interim City Manager Steve Jones giving it a favorable rating in a short presentation….

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Joliet City Manager’s Report on NorthPoint and NorthPoint’s Tom George:

Public Comments regarding NorthPoint:

Full Meeting:

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  1. Erin is doing a fantastic job! It’s disgusting how Jones is working so hard for NorthPoint and doing so much to destroy the community. Homes next to industrial? Only in Joliet government would somebody think that’s acceptable planning.

  2. Our veterans should be our utmost priority. They deserve a tranquil final resting place. The “closed loop” isn’t closed at all and more trucks will continue to get lost and use Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery as a turnaround. The noise from the park and bridge themselves will be nothing but a disruption to ceremonies. It’s a sad day when we continue to allow the decimation of a National Cemetery because of false promises from a multi billion dollar company. My union family says NO. We are better than this.

  3. Respect the very people that made the ultimate sacrifice! Lincoln National Cemetery should be a cherished resting place. It is absolutely the VERY least we can do for them.

  4. I wonder how many of these funeral processions are for veterans who were proud union members? I’d guess a fair amount. Yet another reason why local union members who have a heart (and brains) are saying No to Northpoint. It’s about honor, respect, tradition.

  5. This project will destroy this area. Manhattan’s small town charm and beautiful farm lands will be ruined. Joliet’s city center has a lot to offer, but business will plummet as a result of Northpoint and the trucks coming through. The public schools in Joliet will be greatly affected in transportation. How can they negate the safety of our children? And consider the veterans and honor their memory in the Abraham Lincoln memorial site. They have made sacrifices for our country – how dare they be disrespected by greed. Say NO!

    1. Our veterans deserve better then this proposed industrial nightmare. Closed loop obviously isn’t working now….. Veterans graves being driven over! So disrespectful!

  6. Our Veterans are asking for their sacred grounds to be left alone. The noise, traffic and destruction from trucks will not only disturb but ruin Abraham Lincoln. Shame on Tom George for using his Dad being buried there as an excuse to build

  7. O’dekirk’s snarky remark at the end stating the veterans who were at the meeting weren’t from the area was completely disrespectful. They most certainly WERE from the area, unlike the union members who have been bused in to all of these meetings. The veterans and those buried in the National Abraham Lincoln Cemetery deserve every ounce of respect, and O’dekirk you should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Our veterans deserve better then this proposed industrial nightmare. Closed loop obviously isn’t working now….. Veterans graves being driven over! So disrespectful!

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