As this summer got started, we found ourselves attempting to get back to some semblance of normal life while still keeping a watchful eye on the NorthPoint situation. We are still keeping an eye on village and county goings on. There are a lot of minor updates — my apologies for not getting this information out there sooner. Our website was temporarily “down” as we transferred hosting servers, and well, life happened, which is a good thing. Our vigilance continues, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated as things occur. Please check our Facebook Page as well – you do not need a Facebook account to access and view the public page.


In early June, we were able to verify that Elwood Village Administrator Marian Gibson, Dean “Gift from God” Lowrance (trustee who cited the NorthPoint project as a gift from God even after the hearing was cancelled) and Tom Nagel (planning & zoning commissioner) had all resigned from their positions. You can see their official resignation letters in the PDF obtained via FOIA below:

Marian Gibson will be headed to Romeoville to work part time as a special projects coordinator. This was confirmed via FOIA as well.

While these resignations are good for the village, these positions could be – and are rumored to be – potentially filled by NorthPoint supporters.


Village of Elwood residents specifically, it is imperative that you attend the village board meetings because the pressure needs to be on by the voting residents. While support and attendance from anyone is great (unincorporated or otherwise), village residents are the only ones who can affect change. Only Elwood residents have the power to vote in Elwood and make a difference, so it’s important that you stay involved. When the Village of Elwood adopts a transparent government and when a full trustworthy board is in place — then folks can be more observant behind the scenes, reading the verbatim minutes, watching the live feed, and perusing the agenda packets. We don’t have any of that in Elwood – so we only know what they spoon feed you. And we have all seen the discrepancies between what is published in the newsletter and what has actually happened at the meetings, so please keep that in mind. The last board meeting was only attended by a couple residents. It is important that we do better.

The rumors on the street are not looking good for who will be filling these positions. Remember – NorthPoint could come back at any time, and we must stay vigilant. Do not wait for someone else to tell you how to live in your community. Stay active in your local government.

ICC Case (Required for Bridge Update)

No movement has occurred. The case has been stagnant since May 2018. https://www.icc.illinois.gov/docket/CaseDetails.aspx?no=T18-0011

lawsuit updates: MANHATTAN VS ELWOOD and NorthPoint development

This case is still active. Pending hearing date August 16, 2018.

Last Status below:

07/06/2018 AB – Defendants Various Motions
Plaintiff present by Attorney Tyler Moore. Defendant Village of
Elwood present by Attorney John Foreman. Defendants NorthPoint
Development and East Gate-Logistics Park Chicago present by
Attorney Kathy Sons. Cause comes on for presentation of Plaintiff’s
Motion for Extension of Time and Motion to Extend the Briefing
Schedule. Over NorthPoint and East Gate-Logistics’objection,
Plaintiff’s Motion is granted. Plaintiff shall file its Response
Briefs on or before July 26, 2018. Defendants shall file Reply
Briefs on or before August 10, 2018. The August 1, 2018, hearing on
Defendants NorthPoint and East Gate-Logistics and Village of
Elwood’s separate Motions to Dismiss is stricken. Said Motions to
Dismiss are entered and continued for hearing to August 16, 2018,
at 9:30AM.

This case is still in progress. Elwood made a motion to dismiss and it was taken under advisement. Status hearing scheduled for August 22, 2018.

07/18/2018 CJ – Case called for Hearing
Plaintiffs present by Attorney Carl Buck. Defendant Village of
Elwood present by Attorney James Murphy. Case called for hearing on
Village of Elwood’s Motion to Dismiss Second Amended Complaint.
Said Motion is taken under advisement. Case continued for status.

NorthPoint Development has begun redeveloping the old Ford plant in Chicago. This project was going on simultaneously as the project in Elwood.


Accidents continue to occur on our local roads. Most recently, a family of four was hurt after a semi truck ran a red light at Arsenal Road. Until our roads are improved to properly handle the traffic we have and enforcement measures are taken to prevent and punish those drivers who do not follow the rules, we cannot accept more proposals for trucking facilities in Will County – and we must continue to fight against NorthPoint Development’s Compass Business Park.

R.U.S.H. i-80 safety Meeting coming up

The RUSH (Residents United for Safer Highways) will be hosting a community town hall meeting on August 7th from 6:30-8:30pm at the University of St. Francis. This meeting will continue discussions on how to make our highways safer. Read more in the Patch article. We’ll have meeting information on our Events page.

Plainfield Residents Organize to fight trucking facility

Plainfield residents have come together to form “Citizens United Against Trucking Terminal On Renwick Rd.” They are mobilizing by attending meetings, getting support from other organizations, getting a petition going, and utilizing FOIA to gain information. We support them in their efforts to protect their community from greedy developers who are only interested in supporting their bottom line – at the expense of our quality of life and community.


For now!



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