Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing Concludes — Final Decision to be Made by Elwood Board

After about 14 hours of testimony and overwhelming opposition to the annexation and rezoning, the village of Elwood’s planning and zoning commission took a vote on January 17th shortly before midnight. They ultimately voted to recommend the annexation and rezoning of 851 acres, petitioned by NorthPoint Development, to the village board. This is merely a recommendation; the village board will make the final decision on whether or not to approve or deny the annexation and rezoning. That hearing date is TBD.

Motion & 2nd — Commissioner Doug Vaughn and Thomas Nagel

  • Commissioner Jake Fanning — NO
  • Commissioner Thomas Nagel — YES
  • Commissioner Doug Vaughn — YES
  • Chairmen Greg Hickey — YES

Watch the testimony from the January 17th Hearing:

Watch the testimony from the January 11th hearing here:

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One Comment

  1. LISTEN UP RESIDENTS! It is obvious that the P&Z’s lack of public explanation of their decision is incriminating of their guilt and lack of respect for the nearly 10,000 citizens of Elwood and Manhattan who oppose this insane NorthPoint industrial park. This billion dollar company has infiltrated it’s evil tentacles into Elwood’s elected officials, and who knows what illegal kickbacks and bribery have been in the works for years. As concerned citizens, we need to use our voices and let these elected officials know they represent US, NOT NORTHPOINT! File a complaint with the ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE and the FBI so they can investigate the dirty games going on down here. I have, will you? STAND UP FOR OUR BELIEFS AND BE HEARD!

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