Pastors, Joliet Residents Hold “Just Say No” Press Conference

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Pastors, Joliet Residents Hold “Just Say No” Press Conference

South and East side residents join forces to “Say No” to warehouse dumping grounds.

  • Thursday March 12
  • 4:30 pm
  • Nowell Park Recreation Center, Joliet 

Joliet pastors and residents who live on the south and east sides are joining in unison to speak out against the disparity in economic development which has led to the dumping ground of warehouses and truck stops and the preposterous idea of converting a historic country club into warehouses.

They are unifying as one to tell Joliet City Council and Mayor Bob O’Dekirk that they say NO to NorthPoint and No to Country Club warehouses, because the south and east sides of Joliet matter, too. Residents from those areas will be speaking.

Additionally, the pastors of the community have united and will be speaking as well. Will County Board Member Herb Brooks and former Joliet City Council Member Warren Dorris called NorthPoint’s recent prayer stunt “staged,” and “underhanded,” because the people praying over NorthPoint’s VP Patrick Robinson were not from Joliet, and do not represent faith leaders in Joliet. Brooks and Dorris, who are also pastors, strongly oppose NorthPoint.

The Just Say No press conference will be held inside Nowell Park Recreation Center, 199 Mills Road, Joliet. The public is invited and is asked to arrive by 4:15 pm.

Residents who live within the City of Joliet are encouraged to attend and join the group. People who live outside Joliet are encouraged to join in the audience.


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