NorthPoint’s Application Incomplete — Many Steps Ahead

NorthPoint Development Continues to Make Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

NorthPoint Development recently submitted an application to Will County for the rezoning of 670 acres in Jackson Township. The application, submitted by well known and respected land use attorney Richard Kavanagh, was submitted without several critical pieces of information – some of which include notifications to nearby towns and traffic studies. NorthPoint sent out a press release immediately after submitting the application. This was before many county officials had even learned of the application.

What is noteworthy in the new application is that there are no plans for a bridge in the new application, and it excludes the 700+ acres NorthPoint Development owns in unincorporated Jackson Township closer to Manhattan.

Don’t Be Fooled

Let’s get real: they know exactly what they’re doing. This wasn’t an “oops.” Don’t be fooled by these deceptive tactics. They absolutely still intend to have the bridge – they need it to be profitable. They need to it access the rail (remember, they are business partners with BNSF from the hearings in Elwood) to make their warehouses marketable and useful. And they absolutely intend to build in the Manhattan property. You really think they spent millions to leave it vacant? False.

We aren’t stupid, and this thinly veiled attempt at deceiving the public is laughable.

To date, NorthPoint Development has NOT withdrawn its application for the bridge over Walter Strawn Drive. This was filed with the ICC earlier this year, indicating that they still intend to pursue the bridge. NorthPoint continues to be deceptive, with their true intentions masked. The project will be 2200 acres if it goes through in any capacity. Be sure to voice your concerns in the public comments section of the ICC’s website for their case if you haven’t done so already.

Will County Responds

Will County officials sent a letter to NorthPoint Development identifying what needs to be completed. This was in response to the incomplete application filed with the county.  Speaker Moustis called for NorthPoint to withdraw the application – a move that sounds like he’s begging NorthPoint to back out and to not to put himself and the other officials in a difficult position, right around election season. Because make no mistake, we’ll be showing up in record numbers at the polls.

A copy of the letter sent by Elwood is available below.

But that’s not enough. Let your voice be heard and tell county officials that you won’t stand for a developer who practices such deceptive and shady tactics. Urge them to say NO to NorthPoint Development – and don’t forget, you’ll be voting for county officials in the upcoming elections. 

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