JHN: Joliet restarts NorthPoint annexation process

As per Village of Elwood attorney, the whole point of the Elwood lawsuit was to get Joliet to start the process over from the beginning. 

Joliet Herald-News writes:

… The city on Friday announced a Dec. 3 special meeting of the Plan Commission to consider the annexation and zoning of 1,360 acres for the Compass Global Logistics Hub planned by NorthPoint Development.   The meeting has been scheduled while an injunction is in place barring the city from moving forward with annexations based on a previous agreement with NorthPoint.

The purpose of the injunction was to get Joliet to restart the process, said Jordan Kielian, attorney for the village of Elwood.

“I don’t believe there’s any controversy about them starting back from square one,” Kielian said. “There’s nothing in the injunction that bars them from starting over again.” …

Read more at the Joliet Herald-News

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