The Illinois Attorney General’s Office will be investigating complaints made alleging Open Meeting Act violations, stating that the complaints “warrant further review.”  The complaints stem from the public hearing held January 17, 2018 before the planning and zoning committee in Elwood. A number of attendees submitted complaints to the AG’s office after 2-minute time-limits were imposed on some, but not others, some were told they could not speak, and others were not allowed to sign in to speak as they had been at previous meetings.

The meeting, held at the school, was clearly rushed to conclude before midnight. A vote was taken shortly before, and without deliberation, without questions or pause, the Elwood planning and zoning commission voted 3-1 in favor of recommending the proposal. Commissioner Jake Fanning was the sole commissioner to vote NO in accordance with the wishes of the people and the compelling testimony given.

You can read the request letter from the Attorney General’s Office to the Village of Elwood below here

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