Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Damaged by Errant Truck

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is a sacred place in which our veterans are at their final resting place. It is a quiet, peaceful, and somber. It should be treated with the utmost respect, and the sanctity of the hallowed ground be preserved at all costs.

And yet, it repeatedly faces insults when truck drivers looking for Centerpoint Intermodal find their way in the cemetery — in spite of several signs indicating that it is not a truck route, and that semi-trucks are not permitted. If drivers can’t read the signs, surely they can understand the picture of the truck crossed out in red?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Errant semi-trucks drive into Abraham national Cemetery regularly. In 2016, a lost semi-truck drove over the graves of several veterans. The lack of respect is appalling.

The loud trucks spewing diesel fumes are not only distracting and disruptive, but they are dangerous as well. The above pictures were taken 2/2/2018. The damage was a result of an errant truck backing up to get out. The picture of the truck driving right past the posted No Trucks signs is a disgrace.

NorthPoint Development is massive distribution warehousing facility, which means it will inherently bring more trucks to the area. It’s time to say we have enough in our community when we can’t control what we already have. #JUSTSAYNOTONORTHPOINT

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  1. My father is buried there in this makes me very angry. Trucks should not be in the cemetery at all and if they are caught there there should be a fine or some sort of punishment for each and every one of them. I also feel that the cemetery should press charges against those drivers and they should sue them for the damages that are caused. I hope to God nothing has happened to my father’s grave

  2. NorthPoint, stay off of our military graves! You cannot continue to cause damage to this cemetery and disrespect the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us and our country! Keep all of your trucks out of the cemetery at all times! You will not continue to desecrate the graves of our military heroes like this!

  3. Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is a 982 acre American military cemetery that located in Elwood, Illinois. It is totally disgusting that NorthPoint has been desecrating this beautiful cemetery and showing total disrespect to the soldiers who have proudly served in the United States Armed Forces. NorthPoint, keep your trucks off the soldier’s graves and stay out the cemetery! You will never continue to show disrespect to all of these military heroes who have given their lives, fighting to protect our country and risking their own lives to keep us safe!!

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