Flyers help publicize the No to NorthPoint red lightbulb project.

Light Bulb Campaign in Full Swing

In the ongoing fight against NorthPoint Development, a volunteer interested in helping our grassroots movement continue momentum purchased over 400 red light bulbs to help kick-start a new campaign. The light bulb campaign is another, more visible way in which Village of Elwood residents can show their opposition to the Compass Business Park industrial trucking and warehousing facility. The flyers that accompany the light bulbs state: “Show the Elwood Village Board who really opposes this horrific truck facility and all of its tenants! Light a red bulb on your porch to say “We stand with our neighbors & We can’t be bought!”

More Ways To Say No

The yard sign campaign, which kicked off last year, was criticized by trustees claiming that volunteers stuck them in people’s yards unbeknownst to homeowners. The light bulb campaign is an extension of the yard signs and is another clear way to indicate that people simply DO NOT WANT THIS PROJECT. The yard signs have been widely popular and effective in conveying the message. However, due to high costs, additional signs were not able to be ordered. This left many people looking for a way to show their opposition, and red lights allow them to do that. We hope that residents who have yard signs continue to proudly display them in addition to shining a red light.

Though geared toward Village of Elwood residents, anyone in the area can purchase a red light bulb. Indicate you are opposed to NorthPoint Development by shining a red bulb in your window or front porch light. We encourage everyone who is against NorthPoint Development to stand in solidarity together by shining a red bulb. The bulbs are less likely to be stolen, cost-effective, and can’t be lit without the homeowner’s control.

Additionally, if you haven’t signed the petition against NorthPoint Development, you can sign it here.


While some individuals have voiced concern on social media over the light bulb color, we are proud to support this effort. We are grateful that we have a unified movement and we can support our neighbors. Social Media memes touting “gun-free homes shining red lights” were proven false by Snopes. A satirical article sparked the meme, which was found to be false.

The bottom line is that red lights are most commonly associated with STOP — and that’s exactly what we intend to do by stopping NorthPoint Development.



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One Comment

  1. I am totally behind the facts that Elwood & the Industrial Parks must be transparent, and held accountable, and signed the petition.

    I was driven to a map, because the answer is not just saying NO, but is in managing what we have and how it does business and grows.

    Looking at a map, i am wondering why can’t there be a highway from our industrial parks to I-55 just to keep the trucks out of the local business routes?

    it is Government land and we need a LONG TERM SOLUTION to keep our streets open.

    This may also be an asset to the Race Track Crowds, and could drastically assist the village in Crowd control from the Raceway on Race Days.

    I would say that it makes such an exchange the area could use a Truck stop in such an exchange, as nothing has really replaced the closing of the Truck Stop closing further north at I-55 & Rt 30. We have the truth traffic to support a truck complex that would greatly encourage a truck route.

    We have to think smart and do so with the intentions of Tax Relief for US the VILLAGE OF ELWOOD. We need to see this industrial site PAY OFF FOR US.

    I live in Elwood because of the protection of having a huge industrial complex and the advantage it gives for landowners.

    SAYIN NO.. does nothing to fix the problem.

    Proper planning and proper expansion with full models of making it work for us the Citizens is the way to correct the current issues and problems, and build a future where we all have a good safe and functioning community with the monetary benefits of a Fruitful Industrial Park

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