Compass Business Park Information – Special Edition!


Village of Elwood residents were recently sent a mailer that highlighted the benefits of NorthPoint Development’s Compass Business Park. Though masked as informative literature, it is nothing more than propaganda. Here is a PDF of what was mailed out to the 60421 zip code:

To correct some of the misleading statements, we issued the following (sources below):

Here are our sources:

Landfill annexation:

Coal-fired energy plant:

Warehousing Vacancy – Collier’s Industrial Market Report Q3 2017

NorthPoint official (Patrick Robinson) testifying that they would not seek out another municipality and that they needed the bridge:

Additional industry:

CenterPoint’s 2,200 acres available:

Drayage and air pollution:

Ehlers’ Financial Presentation:

Taxing Bodies Against TIF:

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