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NorthPoint Gains Approval for 103 Acres by Narrow Margin

Joliet City Council at first appeared to have listened to constituents as Mike Turk, Don “Duck” Dickinson, Bettye Gavin, and Terry Morris voted NO to NorthPoint’s proposal for 103 acres… that is, until it was time for Larry Hug (who is running for Senate, by the way), Pat Mudron, and Jan Quillman to vote. Hug and Mudron, unsurprisingly, voted in favor. Sherri Reardon to cast her prepaid vote, and then Quillman cast her rank and file aye to remain subservient to mayor. Then, Mayor O’Dekirk, a true turncoat who previously claimed to not have interest in the project citing infrastructure issues, broke the tie created by Quillman by voting in favor of the project, resulting in its 5-4 approval. If you want to see the incredible testimony that the public gave, followed by the complete dumpster fire that was the vote, you can view it in its entirety on YouTube.

Quillman’s Cowardice, Reardon’s Campaign Donation From NorthPoint &

Pinnochio’dekirk’s Tie-Breaker

What was clear in the vote was that Jan Quillman showed her complete lack of a backbone by initially passing her vote to wait for Councilwoman Sherri Reardon’s vote, which of course was in vote in favor of the NorthPoint project. When the vote came back to Quillman, she asked what the tally was (after all, it appeared she had to ensure that the project couldn’t get voted down), and then cast her vote to tie — which resulted in the punt to Mayor Bob O’Dekirk who approved it.

Last spring, Reardon received a $1,000 donation to her campaign in the 11th hour before the election from East-Gate, previously identified as NorthPoint’s LLC for their Compass Business Park project. Though, she wouldn’t know anything about that donation at voting time, even though she previously referenced a Joliet Patch article titled “Sherri Reardon’s Top Donors Include Terry D’Arcy, NorthPointe,” which called out her campaign donations during a board meeting months before the NorthPoint vote. That board meeting, in which she referenced the very article that called out NorthPoint as a campaign donor in the headline, can be viewed on YouTube with her statement at the 1:17:00 mark. 

But I guess since Ferak spelled it with an “e,” Reardon couldn’t have known the correlation, even though it was of the most controversial projects in the area. She was so surprised by the fact that the general public, despite what silly monkeys we are, put two and two together, that she went on WJOL to proclaim her innocence. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.  

Speaking of good ol’ Bob PinocchiO’Dekirk! What a guy. Doing the Lord’s work, really, by breaking ties. Remember this interview (below) where ONCE AND FOR ALL, PinocchiO’dekirk claimed unequivocally he would not support the project? We do. 

That whole interview was clearly negated by O’dekirk’s conversation with the Mayor of Edgerton, you know, the guy who got an $89k/year pay increase to be mayor since NorthPoint came in, who said everything is sunshine and rainbows, and except for some union pickets and whatnot, but there was nothing to see with that. NorthPoint’s going to be great, despite evidence to the contrary and the complete sham of a development agreement that the council approved. And Quillman saw a really great PowerPoint and talked to a mayor of a different city where NorthPoint doesn’t exist. Or she has no idea what she’s talking about. Either way, Microsoft didn’t name PowerPoint presentations WeakPoints. They’re incredibly powerful tools!

So pipe down, objectors. 


Well, it’s not over. Keep in mind that this 103 acre parcel is only for 103 acres. NorthPoint’s Compass Business Park project is 2,200+ acres, and whether it be Joliet or Manhattan who annexes the unincorporated land where it sits, there will be more hearings and opportunities to fight the project. The whole project also still hinges on the bridge, which is in litigation (that deserves its own post to explain, so keep an eye out for that one in the future). 

Stay with us. Stay tuned. Thank you for your support.


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Update: Joliet City Council Approves NorthPoint Project in 5-4 Vote, Quillman Claims She Did Her Homework

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