Bobby Rush Takes Private Helicopter, Decides Road Traffic is No Problem

If we could travel the area by private helicopter, we probably wouldn’t notice glaringly apparent traffic concerns, either. Somebody tell this fool to come back down to earth, you know where the rest of us live (and vote). #ByeBobby #JustSayNOtoNorthPoint #BobbyOutOfTouch #NorthPointsGettingDesperate #WeAreLaughingAtYou

Rush also issued this press release in support of Compass Business Park. Contact his office and let him know you disagree: Chicago Office 773-779-2400 or DC (202) 225-4372

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  1. Has Representative Rush traveled our local Roads lately? Please drive down I80, I55, Laraway Road, Manhattan Road. Chicago
    street, and other arterial roads to assess the reality of our daily challenges in traveling our local roads.

  2. You know I once took a plane from Chicago to Phoenix Arizona and the roads were FANTASTIC, no traffic at all made it in no time…. This democratic idiot never even looked out the window of that helicopter while Northpoint was stuffing hundred dollar bills in his pocket!!!!

    1. Too much congestion already and terrible roads and potholes from so much truck traffic. We have miles of ugly warehouses already -I like the natural prairie and wildlife habitat . Please move it somewhere else! I do NOT want it here!

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