Take Action


KEEP AN EYE TO THE COURTS – The Coldwaters, a centennial Jackson Township farm family, have sued the Village of Elwood regarding an allegedly fraudulent annexation agreement.This lawsuit may negatively impact Elwood’s ability to move forward with NP.

BOUNDARY AGREEMENTS EXIST FOR A REASON – The Villages of Manhattan and Elwood have a mutually agreed upon boundary agreement that states that any project spanning the boundary line would warrant discussion by both municipalities. Encourage Manhattan officials to do whatever it takes to get involved in the discussions. This project should NOT be decided by one municipality!

GET INFORMED & ASK QUESTIONS – Knowledge really is power! Read as much as you can. Get up to speed on the research others have done. Simply saying No More Trucks! Can alienate truck drivers who also oppose this project. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Learn about the project so you can speak in an educated manner and be able to refute opposing viewpoints with grace.

MAKE YOUR VOICE MATTER TO YOUR BOARD & HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE – Attend board meetings and talk to your elected officials – many stay after to speak with their constituents. Respectfully addressing your concerns will go a long way. They don’t know how you feel unless you tell them. Write them. Talk with them in person. Call them. Each trustee is voted in by you for you. Hold them accountable!

REACH OUT TO COUNTY & STATE REPRESENTATIVES – Although they can’t interfere with municipal government, they can support you and encourage local officials to make the right choice. Believe it or not, public pressure can make a big difference. Call, write, email, meet them – tell them your reasons for opposing this project. TAKE ME TO CONTACT INFORMATION.

REACH OUT TO TAXING BODIES & PUBLIC SERVICES – While other taxing bodies don’t make the final decision, they do have the ability to communicate what they feel is best for the community. Encourage your school boards, fire protection district, local police department, & library to come out against this project. Tell them that you do not want this project — and don’t forget to tell them why.

CONTACT THE MEDIA & ADVOCACY GROUPS – Encourage the media and local advocacy groups to cover it. Have them dig in and investigate why it’s come this far. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers. We have contact information on our website. 

BE VIGILANT ABOUT SAFETY CONCERNS – If you see something, don’t hesitate to say something. The police cannot investigate if they are not aware of the problem that occurs. If you see a truck disobeying posted signs, call the non-emergency police phone number. Unless it is a true emergency (someone is in danger), do not call 9-1-1.

Please Note: We do NOT advocate people following trucks, taking video of trucks while driving, and certainly not Facebooking while driving. Do not put yourself in harms’ way. If you live in the area, you know the trucks are here.