Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery — Elwood, IL The onslaught of damage on cemetery grounds by lost semi-trucks continues to plague Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Just last week, we reported that an errant truck had found its way into the cemetery and took out a couple signs.

This morning, fresh semi-truck snow tracks greeted visitors after last night’s snowfall, along with a trail of damage. In pictures obtained by an anonymous source, the truck snow tracks are visible where the truck attempted to back up and turn around after realizing it had found its way into the cemetery. Multiple signs were found on the ground, damaged, with some all but destroyed after being run over. A valve cover for the water main was also found run over. Depending on the load of the semi, it could have been enough to crack it. Employees won’t know until the spring what damage, if any, was done to the main.

This is not the first time that a semi-truck drove into the cemetery and caused damage. The cemetery is supposed to be a solemn, peaceful place, and yet its sanctity continues to be disrespected by lost truck drivers. It happens too frequently to be ignored. In 2016, several graves were run over. The semi-truck driver was cited in that case. But in this case, the truck is long gone and the cemetery is left with the damage.

Multiple written and pictorial signs prohibiting trucks are visible at the entrance of the cemetery. Truck drivers who find their way into the cemetery either ignore them, don’t see them, or don’t care.

Due to its federal standing, Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is unable to take a public position on whether or not they support or oppose NorthPoint Development’s Compass Business Park. But those of us who live in the community do have a voice, and we need to use it to speak up for our veterans and their families.

When will Elwood officials realize that signage doesn’t matter? That adding more trucks to our roads will only exacerbate the problems — like this — that we experience with our current traffic. Enough is enough.


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  1. This is unacceptable. We definitely do not need anymore semi-truck traffic in that area considering the damage and carelessness that has already occurred. Is there a way fencing can be constructed to keep the cemetery safe? As a veteran’s daughter,(my father will be laid to rest there some day), this makes my blood boil. Respect for those who have passed on should be in the forefront of anyone’s concern over big business. (Especially those who have protected and or died fighting for our rights in this country)

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